About the Apolo Project

Apolo consortium will surpass the barriers for market deployment by providing flexible and stable PSCs using scalable and low cost processes, reducing amount of toxic materials tackle the challenges to provide market niches solutions. Apolo developments will ensure to enhance the TRL of PSC technology. Apolo consortium will work on advanced materials, from cell to encapsulant to develop flexible PSC, fully printable, with efficiency of 22% with at least 80% of initial performance after relevant accelerated test from standards.

Apolo solutions will allow the development of a totally new product by integrating the modules into the architecture design of buildings. New applications of this technology open doors to other markets apart from BIPV, such as automotive, textile, etc.

PSC toxicity is considered to be negligible since the amount of lead in perovskite layer is not so relevant if it is compared against Si technology, nevertheless, the solvent toxicity should be taken in account in order to benefit industrialization of PSC products.

Overview of the Apolo Project

Recent Developments

Recently, Apolo’s team has reached this new record of efficiency in the labs of the French centre, CEA, thanks to a 8 cells in series module combining coating deposition techniques and laser patterning. The Perovskite solar cells are printable and flexible and allow a cheaper manufacturing. The project has the objective to reach module cost below 0.40€/Wp (Watt peak).

The stability evaluation of these cells is on-going but very promising. However, it still needs to be proved under different illumination and damp heat conditions. The Perovskite technology is trying to be ready for industrialization in a near future.

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